2021 HSTPA Schedule

As of 7/22/21


June     18         7pm      Shelbyville, IN               A           TWD, LLSS, 3.0 DFWD

             19         7pm      Connersville, IN             A          LGT PS, TWD, HSS, 3.0 DFWD

             22         7pm      Richmond, IN                A          LGT PS, TWD, HF

             28         7pm      Rushville, IN                  RN       LGT PRO, TWD, PS, Hot Farm 

             9          7pm      Arcola, IN                      RN         FWD, MOD, LGT PRO, 3.O DFWD
            10         7pm      Arcola, IN                      RN         TWD, LGT PRO, MOD, 3.0 DFWD          
            30         7pm      Ft Recovery, OH           RN         MOD, LLSS
            31         7pm      Ft Recovery, OH           RN         MOD, LLSS
Aug       6         7pm      Eaton, OH                     RN        LGT PRO, TWD, 3.0 DFWD, HF
             7          7pm      Connersville, IN             A           FWD, HSS
             9         7pm      Urbana, OH                   RN        MOD, LGT PRO, 3.0 DFWD
           11         7pm      Coldwater, MI                RN        Mod, TWD ,      
           16         7pm      Berrien Springs, MI       RN        HF, 3.0 DFWD

Sept     10         7pm      Roanoke, IN                RN         LIM PRO, TWD, MOD, LGT PRO, 3.0 DFWD
             11         7pm      Lynn, IN                      RN         LGT PRO, FWD
             17        7pm       Gaston, IN                  A             LG PRO, TWD, FWD


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